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i am in the city. the big city. I am on a date with a woman i cannot identify but is my age. we are at a big arcade. we are playing the machine for the new open world wwe raw vs smackdown. there are three young men, maybe teenagers, at the machine with us. we are discussing our history with the series, older games we played, memories of levels available in the past. wwe new york for example. we then are discussing the underrated aspects of this games open world mechanics. we talk about how it is fun and goofy that you can drive out of the city and go to a small coastal fishing town. i recognize this part of the gaming map as a reference to a different dream i had.

i know also i am at a mall with my dad. we are at the movies, i am looking for snacks. we leave a movie theater and try to make our way to the parking lot and i feel this is also a setting from a dream i have already had. we are walking through an empty mall, it feels fabricated. we leave this area and ask a security guard for directions to the parking lot, he points us past where we had just been to a set of stairs. as we are leaving we sample something from an employee of the fast food chinese resturant.


there are two cracker barrels in my town. one is like a ruin, appearing as an abandoned warehouse. the other seems new. two towns are only a block apart. my friend from washington has just moved there. i think he he is doing research for him and his girlfriend. his apartment costs 900 dollars which i think is very cheap for its size and i tell him so. it is a one bedroom and he gets a parking spot.  he drives me on freeways that twist into spirals.



i am at my stepmoms house in washington state. she has a very sweet cat.